New ferrule materials increase precision and longevity of fiber optics assemblies

Higher fiber concentricity with reduced bore tolerances

Varying bore tolerances cause a number of disadvantages and make the process of centering the fibers in the connectors quite work-intensive. Ceramic ferrules are an attractive alternative for metallic ferrules and provide a better coexistence of the materials.

LEONI Fiber Optics developed an assembly process for fiber diameters between 125µm and 1,500µm, which ensures significantly improved precision and lower tolerances to offer products with a superior quality and increased longevity. 

The work-intensive process of centering the core is omitted by a change to SMA connector types with ceramic ferrules with very accurate and barely varying bore diameters. That reduces the amount of necessary glue and thereby decreases the mechanical stress on the fiber and enables better guidance accuracy. These factors have a positive influence on the core centricity respectively position accuracy and the squint angle. This angular error occurs in case the fiber isn’t positioned exactly parallel in the bore. As a result the fibers wouldn’t meet straight but offset in the connector which creates a radial misalignment and the fibers might be exposed to higher mechanical stress.

In addition these type of assemblies is easier to polish, has lower tolerances altogether and is often used in power transfers for non-invasive eye surgeries (ophthalmology) from the laser source to the optics. LEONI also developed a new technology to position various fibers extremely precise and position accurate in one ferrule.