11 Dec 2018 News
New AmbientFiber® design example – City Cruiser Bike connects design and safety

Excellent design support by Leoni’s illumination fiber AmbientFiber®Read more

07 Dec 2018 News Products & markets
Optical cable for industrial spectroscopy 600VIS-IR

Ready-to-lay special optical cable for use in harsh industrial environments and potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX). Read more

02 Feb – 07 Feb 2019
SPIE Photonics West
San Francisco, California, United States
The Moscone Center, Booth 5086
05 Mar – 07 Mar 2019
OFC Conference & Exhibition
San Diego, United States
Convention Center, Booth 5721

Fiber Optics & beyond - Recommended articles

The detection of gravitational waves with LIGO

Building the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) took a collaboration of over 1000 people, some $500 million in funding from the National Science Foundation over three decades, and a lot of patience. But the vision paid off with observational evidence of one of the greatest mysteries in physics — the existence of gravitational waves.

Read more on LIGO in the November issue of Photonics Spectra: read article

Courtesy: LIGO/Virgo/NASA/Leo Singer/Axel Mellinger

The research on gravitational waves continues…

In a comprehensive article published by physicsworld.com, James Hough outlines the last 30 years of gravitational-wave astronomy, from building prototype detectors to making a revolutionary discovery. read full article

In 2015, the first groundbreaking detection of gravitational waves was made by LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitation Wave Observatory) observatories at Hanford and Livingston. Special optical fiber cables from Leoni were part of the laser systems for the LIGO detectors. Read more

FiberTech® Medical devices - new brochure available

Explore our new broschure and get an overview of our extensive product and service portfolio for OEMs and distributors.

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