LargeCore assemblies with square fiber core geometries for a more homogenous power transfer of laser systems

Reducing radial power peaks in laser applications

High uniformity of power transfers is of vital importance for many applications of medical and industrial laser systems. To ensure a more homogenous distribution of laser power on the irradiated area, LEONI Fiber Optics realized assembling LargeCore special fibers made from undoped silica with a square core geometry.

The biggest challenge for product engineering was the alignment of the square core to the connector. Particular for that Leoni developed a rotation coded connector with modified key (AHPC), the Advanced High Power Connector LD80 with glued rotation adjust (G/R). In contrast to the usual glued key (G/K) connector type the G/R allows the fiber core alignment to the connector key.

The combination of a square core and the particularly developed assembly processes offers a more regular power density distribution in the mode field by an excellent mode mix accomplished after just 50 cm fiber length.

That’s especially interesting for dermatological applications using medical laser systems, e.g. tattoo and hair removal. Thus radial power peaks of the laser transmitted on the skin, which could lead to complications and injuries, are reduced. The advantages also apply with industrial applications in need of uniform power distribution like laser welding and cutting processes, as well as in astrophysics, which depends on a minimal Focal Ratio Degradation (FRD).