SlimLine fibers with reduced buffer layer thickness

Lower outer diameters for applications with tight working channels

In many applications there is just little space or you have to face the challenge of tight working channels. To support you in this matter LEONI Fiber Optics has optimized the extrusion process regarding reduced buffer diameters successfully. Technically challenging is among other things the reproducibility of the lower layer thickness which also concerns the primary materials. 

Thus Leoni can offer you the new SlimLine special silica fibers as medical and biocompatible BareFibers with fiber core diameters between 200µm and 1,000µm and a reduced Tefzel® buffer layer thickness between 35µm and 60µm. 

That makes the fibers more flexible and especially suitable for applications with little space. Medicine uses that advantage e.g. for stiff endoscopes in otolaryngology (ENT).

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