Pioneering Innovation Partner - new video

Innovation is part of our DNA - we are your innovation partner for Fiber Optics based technologies and combine these with digital solutions and smart Services. Experience more in our new video.

Drive your innovative projects by the cooperation with a proven innovator. We are Fiber Optics experts with an extensive value chain, from preform, fibers and cables to final assembly and digital smart services, and provide targeted support in these areas:

Development - Hardware - Digitalization - Predictive Maintenance

Our key success factors are the combination of an innovative mind set, local application engineering and global manufacturing presence. Some of our innovations can be found in the Cold Atom Lab on the International Space Station ISS, in LIGO detectors searching for gravitational waves and now beyond our solar system after NASA visited Jupiter and Pluto.

A vast team of experienced developers and being independent from other manufacturers in the value chain provides the necessary agility & flexibility for customer centric and market driven supply. Paired with the vertical integration from products to digital services makes us the distinctive business partner for your global growth.

Let’s join forces from initial ideation phase to final product and solution implementation in the market to scale your business.