ONE major project – ONE cable solution LEoni X-Linked COmpound (LE.X.CO)

Saving major projects costs up to 75%

LEONI developed one X-linked jacket material for almost any cable types, meaning one design fits all requirements – no multiple installation of cables, our new solution to simplify major projects’ handling.

LEoni X-Linked COmpound (LE.X.CO)

Advanced and unique X-linked jacket materials for all areas of the project. Designed to comply with requirements for: offshore, railway, industry, marine applications and highly challenging environmental conditions.

  • Cables comply with all requirements of any subsection of large-scaled projects
  • Various and customized cable designs and protection measures (armour, rodent and water protection, assembly options, fire retardant and fire resistant)
  • Reduced planning and installation process preparation
  • Suitable for a wide range of challenging environmental factors
    • Jacket type SHF 2 according to IEC60092-360
    • MUD-resistant according to NEK606

Your benefits

  • Reduced total costs of ownership due to simpler cable installation
  • Easier handling of project management
  • All possible cable designs, including hybrid cables
  • No limitation of fiber or cable diameter
  • Identical effort for assembly and splicing as for standardized cable types
  • Modular system of preforms, fibers, cables, assemblies and optical components to create your own passive optical network


  • Halogen-free (acc. to IEC 60754-1)
  • Low degree of gaseous acidity (acc. to IEC 60754-2)
  • Flame retardant (acc. to IEC group 60332)
  • Non-metallic design on request
  • No deformation after installation (heat-pressure tested)
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Excellent UV and ozone resistance
  • Best media resistance
  • Outstanding longevity under harsh environmental conditions
  • Resistant to welding beads
  • Functional integrity acc. to IEC 60331-11 /-25 on request
  • Customized cable design, imprint & color on request
  • MUD resistant according to NEK 606

Design capabilities

  • Central loose tube
  • Stranded loose tube
  • Breakout
  • Minibreakout
  • Hybrid
  • Zipcord
  • Single elements
  • Metallic or non-metallic armour
  • Customer specific designs


  • DNV GL

Certifications on request

  • ABS
  • LR
  • BV
  • UL
  • GOST

Please feel free to contact us for more details. We would like to present you the advantages for your major project in offshore, railway, industry, marine applications and highly challenging environmental conditions.