Singlemode optical fibers

For LAN, data centers, long-distance network cabling and FTTx applications

For covering larger distances in LAN cabling and for FTTx applications, we offer reliable, high-performance singlemode fibers with a range of finishing options:

  • radiation-hard fibers
  • various buffer materials
  • multi-fiber bundles (fiber units)
  • high-temperature coatings
  • various fiber colorations and color codes

Your advantages at a glance

  • Flexible, modular system for coatings: special coatings for harsh environments or high temperatures
  • Cost-effective fiber solutions in FTTx applications for rugged installation requirements with a future-proof perspective
  • Fibers fulfil or exceed the quality standards ITU G.652, G.657, and IEC 60793-2-50
  • Low attenuation and macrobending losses

Range of products and services

Product portfolio

  • Field-tested singlemode fibers as a cost-effective and reliable fiber solution for covering longer distances in local networks as well as for FTTx applications or long-distance network cabling
  • Compatibility with the installed base network
  • Optimized bending properties for rugged and flexible applications with lowest attenuation, perfect fiber geometry, and lowest diameter tolerances at the same time.
  • G.657.A1-compliant fibers

Product properties

  • Minimal attenuation
  • Compatibility with standard singlemode fibers

Ordering options

  • Coating materials: 500 µm, HTC, PI
  • Colors
  • Ring marking
  • Customer-specific fiber unit bundles



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Innovative fiber optics solutions

Innovative fiber optics solutions