HPCS and PCS fibers

Hard plastic-clad silica and plastic-clad silica fibers – optical fibers with Fused Silica core and plastic optical cladding

Alongside the widely prevalent silica/silica fibers, another fiber type features an optical core made from Fused Silica with plastic optical cladding. The essential advantage of this design compared to the conventional design is the enhanced numerical aperture, which can be configured up to a value of 0.49. The fibers permit low- to medium-power laser transmission with relatively low losses over short distances and offer an economical alternative to silica/silica fiber.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Customer-specific fiber design
  • High, customer-specific numerical aperture configurable up to 0.49
  • Economical

Range of products and services

Product portfolio

  • HPCS (hard plastic-clad silica) with a Fused Silica core and fluorinated acrylate cladding, as an inexpensive solution for low- to medium-power laser transmission over short distances
  • PCS (plastic-clad silica) with a Fused Silica core and silicone cladding, for high-temperature applications and medium- to high-power laser transmission over short distances
  • An additional ETFE or polyamide buffer layer is applied to improve the mechanical, chemical and thermal properties

Product properties

The special properties of these fibers are defined by the specific combination of materials. While the mechanical and thermal properties typically vary widely, depending on the manufacturer and the plastic used, the optical properties are often identical. The specific use case for these fibers must therefore be coordinated with the manufacturer.

Ordering options

  • Application wavelength
  • Numerical aperture
  • Coating type
  • Buffer material

Fields of use

  • Medical laser applications
  • Spectroscopy

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Innovative fiber optics solutions

Innovative fiber optics solutions