POF and PCF cables

Special cables with polymer optical fibers and polymer cladded fibers

LEONI offers special cables with polymer optical fiber (POF) or polymer cladded fiber (PCF). Typical application lengths for POF cable types are approx. 50 m (at 100 Mbps); typical application lengths for PCF cable types are ca. 200 m (at 100 Mbps).

Your advantages at a glance

  • We are the European market leader for POF and PCF cables
  • Direct connector assembly
  • Field installation
  • Suitable for use with drag chains
  • Low system costs

Range of products and services

Product portfolio

  • Types from 1 to 24 fibers
  • Simplex cable types
  • Stranded cable types

Product properties

  • Oil-resistant
  • Highly flexible

Ordering options

  • POF
    • Step-index standard
    • Step-index POF Low/High NA
    • Step-index high-temperature
    • Step-index for Fast Ethernet
    • Graded-index
  • UL-approved
  • UV-resistant
  • Colors as requested by customer
  • Additional outer cladding

Fields of use

POF cables and assemblies are suitable for a wide range of application scenarios, and LEONI offers innovative solutions for a huge range of use cases. In an industrial environment (A&D), the key focus is on stability of behavior when exposed to harsh environmental conditions, chemical stability, and (e.g.) drag chain compatibility.

More products

Further information

POF and PCF cables are available for indoor and outdoor applications. A range of cable designs are available to match various requirements. Special requirements for flexibility, oil resistance, UV resistance, zero halogen content, or flame resistance are satisfied by the selection of suitable materials.

For multicore POF and PCF cables, separate buffer tube colors can be used to improve distinguishability. Compared to uniform black buffered fibers with printed identification, this technical solution improves differentiation at a lower cost, and therefore offers the user major advantages for laying and installation.



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