Special fiber assemblies

For silica, POF, PCF, and LargeCore

Alongside standard assemblies for various fibers and cables, customers often need specific designs of their own. These typically have radical differences to standard assemblies and are subject to very specific requirements. LEONI Fiber Optics can draw on a very broad spectrum of modular part solutions (such as special connectors, fanouts, arrays, etc.) that can be combined together in a great many combinations to create entirely new final products.

Your advantages at a glance

From the preform to fibers, cables, and the final assembly, we make everything ourselves. We can therefore offer the ideal solution for your application at any stage along the value chain. Special components can be quickly implemented as samples, prototypes, or short runs.

  • Solution development from the start with preform, fiber, cable, and assembly experts from a single source – which guarantees compatibility between all components
  • Huge selection of fiber types, cables, and components – we have the right solution for almost any application
  • Various technologies can be used per product/intermediate product
  • Internal capacities for prototypes, samples, and/or short runs of custom parts

Range of products and services

Product portfolio

Ordering options

  • Almost any type of fiber, cable, or protective tube
  • Customer-specific assembly
  • Standard connectors metal ferrules for fibers
    125–1,000 μm
  • Standard connectors ceramic ferrules for fibers
    125–800 μm
  • Special connectors
  • Made-to-order units such as vacuum feedthroughs, cross-section converters, probes, light mixers, flow cells and arrays

Due to the huge variety in the designs of individual products, a one-size-fits-all description of ordering options cannot be given. Please contact us to discuss details of your required product characteristics. We look forward to your inquiry.


Fields of use

  • Spectroscopy
  • Medical diagnostics
  • State sensors
  • Pyrometry
  • High-vacuum
  • Aerospace
  • Semiconductor manufacturing

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Further information

The world of photonics is very complex in terms of the sheer diversity of the fiber optical products that it uses. Non-standard products are utilized in a wide variety of applications involving a huge range of requirements. This extremely broad spectrum of possibilities is naturally also reflected in the diversity of potential products. We offer solutions for the vast majority of these applications.



Please contact us for further information. We look forward to your inquiry.

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