Step-index fibers with rectangular core for high-power laser beam transmission

Uniform intensity distribution with a rectangular beam profile as a complete, pre-assembled cable

The homogeneity of energy transmission is of paramount importance for a wide range of laser system applications in medicine and manufacturing.  A while back, LEONI Fiber Optics added its special LargeCore fibers with a square core geometry to its portfolio: these fibers ensure a significantly more homogeneous distribution of laser power on the irradiated surface.

This product portfolio has now been expanded with a fiber variant using a rectangular fiber core geometry. Unlike similar designs using Polymer-Cladded Fiber (PCF), the cable structure features a rectangular, undoped fused silica fiber core plus a doped fused silica cladding, which permits the transmission of high power levels up to the kW range. The fiber core geometry makes it possible to distribute the laser beam with no degradation across a rectangular area.

LEONI offers the fibers with a rectangular core geometry fully assembled into a rotation-coded connector. The Advanced High Power LD80 connector system is deployed here, in which the fiber core is oriented with a high level of precision to the connector coding key. For you as a user, this makes replacing fiber cables as easy as plug and play – there’s no need for subsequent readjustment.

These kinds of specialized cable systems are used wherever uniform, high-power light distribution needs to be provided using a rectangular geometry.