New Image brochure for the Business Unit Fiber Optics

In order to present you our service range in a simple and comprehensible way we developed a new image brochure. In this brochure we concentrated on clearly defining our strengths, such as: 

  • international presence
  • system partner throughout the entire distinct value chain
  • attractive OEM&ODM-service partner
  • designated Fiber Optics experts

We also show some of the main application fields of our products (as depicted below) and present the product groups according to their application.

Fields of application:

  1. Communication (cabling systems for industry and buildings)
  2. Energy (wind, solar, oil, utilities)
  3. Mechanical & Plant Engineering (drag chain cables, fieldbus cables, optical probes, switches and splitters)
  4. Automation & Robotics (Industrial Ethernet, bus systems, material-processing high-power lasers)
  5. Transportation Engineering & Automotive (Rolling Stock, transport, traffic control, MOST, special optical components for automotive applications)
  6. Industrial Laser Technology (active and passive fiber optic cables for laser welding / laser treatment)
  7. Medical Devices & Life Science (laser probes, endoscopy components, diagnostics)
  8. Sensor Technology, Analytics & Spectroscopy (colour, turbidity and gas sensor technology, environmental technology, chemical and food industries, astrophysics)
  9. Naval & Maritime Engineering (control cable, marine universal & breakout cable, cable for ROV)
  10. Optics (fused silica, preforms, rods, tubes, wafers, optical blocks)
  11. Aerospace & Satellite Technology (optical fibers, fiber bundles, probes and control cables; special optical components, e.g. for the Pluto mission)

You can find our current image brochure in the download section of our website.