New cables with UL approval type OFNR: A-DQ(ZN)BY 24… 8.0mm MS GFK and A-DQ(ZN)BY 12… 8.0mm MS GFK

Central loose tube cables with 2 - 24 fibers with UL approval for indoor and outdoor telecommunication applications in North America

LEONI’s FiberConnect family of high-quality structured cables now includes 2 through 24 fibers central loose tube cables with UL-approval for customers in the North American market. Applications include Fiber-to-the-Antenna, other telecommunication applications and data centers. Either cable is available with an outer jacket made from FRNC, LEONI’s globally used low-smoke zero halogen solution, or from PVC. These four new cables add to the existing UL-approved central loose tube cables for North America.

The now available cables feature the following characteristics:

  • Longitudinally waterproof fiber optic cable with non-metallic rodent protection
  • For fixed installation indoor and outdoor, in cable ducts, tubes and also suitable for interconnections
  • Not suitable for underground laying (direct buried)
  • Cable core:
    • Jelly filled loose tube, 3 mm OD with 12 or 24 optical fibers
    • Tube color: yellow (E9/125), green (G50/125), blue (G62.5/125)
    • Strain relief elements, strength members (FRP) can be added
  • Ripcord under jacket
  • Outer diameter ~ 8 mm
  • Jacket:
    • Color: black, or according to customer requirement
    • Option 1: PVC,
      • Wall thickness ~ 1.6 mm
      • Flame retardant
      • UV-resistance of outer jacket
    • Option 2: FRNC (halogen-free and flame-retardant)
      • Wall thickness ~ 1.6 mm
      • Low smoke density
      • Halogen-free
      • Low acidity of the combustion gases
      • No resistance to oil, petrol, acid, and leach
  • UL type OFNR