New AmbientFiber® design example – City Cruiser Bike connects design and safety

Excellent design support by Leoni’s illumination fiber AmbientFiber®

With our samples and design examples, we want to show possibilities and advantages of AmbientFiber® as well as inspire new ideas by product designers.

The AmbientFiber® City Cruiser is a real eye-catcher – this is not only relevant from a design point of view but also enhances visibility and thus more safety on the road.

In addition to the illuminated mountain bike we have shown at trade shows and in our video, a new design example was constructed this fall: AmbientFiber® City Cruiser Bike.

Details on the new design example – City Cruiser Bike

Cruiser Bikes are characterized by their curved frame and flowing optics and are the ideal companion for short distances in the city due to the increased comfort and the relaxed seating position. In our AmbientFiber® City Cruiser, the design of the bike is perfectly complemented and highlighted with the illumination fiber. The bike is ready to drive with lighting, whereby the power for the low-consumption laser modules can be supplied either by battery pack or by dynamo. The sample not only shows the excellent capabilities of the AmbientFiber® in product design, but also the additional benefit in terms of safety: lateral visibility in traffic is significantly increased. The reflection of the light on the mudguards also serves this purpose.

The sample illustrates the advantages of the fiber: homogeneous light distribution, 360 degree radiation, no photodarkening, small bending radii and easy to install.

Technical details

For the City Cruiser sample, three AmbientFiber® products with one red and two blue laser modules were installed. The laying of the fibers was done in small acrylic glass channels, which are fixed in acrylic glass eyelets on the bike. Thus, the fibers are protected from mechanical damage e.g. when carrying the bike up the stairs or cleaning it.


How can product design be utilized as a differentiator in competitive markets? By using filigree lines of light in the final product, for example. To achieve this, BU Fiber Optics has developed an optical fiber in-house that emits light in all directions: this fiber creates an almost unlimited number of opportunities for ambient lighting and new approaches to product design.

AmbientFiber® is characterized by its uniform emission of light at 360° across the entire length of the fiber – in contrast to a more punctiform LED illumination. The core of the optical fiber is Fused Silica, which works to prevent any discoloration effects or undesirable reactions to incident sunlight.

AmbientFiber® can be used in a huge range of applications: in the automotive industry (interior and exterior lighting), in interior and emergency lighting applications for aircraft, ocean-going vessels and trains, in the field of automation and drives as a visual feedback system, and for building illumination in architecture and infrastructure. In the field of electrical appliances, AmbientFiber could be used to develop light-effect cables for electrical devices or illuminated charging cables. Interesting product developments are also possible in the wearables industry, which manufactures intelligent textiles and accessories that include illuminated hi-vis vests, footwear, and many more. When used with miniaturized sensors, AmbientFiber is also capable of indicating changes in temperature, pressure or humidity.

What is your AmbientFiber® application?