LEONIs new LC interface is ready for fiber optic connectivity revolution

Patented solution offers much more flexibility and configuration options at lower price

Changzhou – With its patented, groundable LC connectors as well as integrated optical transmitter/receiver interfaces, LEONI offers its customers the latest easy to install and cost efficient fiber optic connectivity solution for industrial areas. The connectors are based on a standard LC interface and comply with standard LC assembly procedures. The optical transmitter/receiver interfaces allow the customer the precise positioning of fiber cables in a harsh environment onto transmitters/receivers as well as an easy exchange of broken transmitters/receivers. This reliable interconnect solution, which is part of LEONIs FiberConnect®-family, has been already deployed to first field installations and is available worldwide.

LEONIs brand new LC connectors are able to carry standard and special Singlemode (G.652.D, G.657.A1/A2), Multimode (OM1-5) as well as specialty fibers such as HCS (200/230) or Large Silica/Silca(100/…) fibers. The main feature is that the LC connector carries a small metallic part in its connector body which allows a grounding connection between the cable jacket (via the crimp ring on the connector end) and the metallic optical interfaces. Most solutions in today’s market are using full metal, customised connectors which are either expensive in manufacturing, complex in the assembly procedure due to custom fixtures or a burden to the supply chain due to long lead times for custom manufacturing. Furthermore, due to the usage of telecommunication grade ceramic ferrules and the therewith increased concentricity, the power transmission of LEONIs solution compared to market available metal connectors is greater as well as the insertion loss lower. As additional feature, the groundable LC connector is equipped with a push/pull tab in order to simplify installation, re-patching or replacement of single fiber lines, which results in great advantages both for field installations and regular maintenance checks.

Customizable, industrial grade optical transmitter/receiver interface

Various applications require simple installation of transmitter and receiver diodes according to the space and cost requirements of the whole system. Therefore, LEONI developed a simple but efficient, standardised interface based on the LC footprint. This connector interface can cover, with custom modifications, a large range of transmitter and receiver diodes to align them to an optical fiber via standard fiber optical connectivity. A main highlight is the easy configuration of nearly any shape of transmitter and receiver position as well as the amount and density the transmitters and receivers can be positioned. Furthermore, LEONI offers the integration of transmitters and receivers from various manufacturers even including the active positioning of transmitters and receivers on PCB boards (soldering) and the assembly of the connector interfaces onto PCBs and/or housings.

Based on the described advantages and the design flexibility this solution is already used in various applications to trigger or transmit sensor signals via fiber optic cables. Further applications are in harsh environments such as Wind power turbines, Oil & Gas applications, Automation & Drives as well as various other industries.