LEONI qualifies two marine cables according defence equipment standard VG 95218-7

First certification according to new internationally recognized military standard

As the first manufacturer ever, LEONI has received VG 95218-7 approval for no less than two cables from its FiberConnect product family. As of now, a steel-armored outdoor cable for installation below and on deck, as well as a flexible, tactical cable for indoor and outdoor use are available with this defence equipment standard.

In naval shipbuilding and tactical cables on land, only products with defence equipment standard should be used. LEONI has these two cables with approval according to the international military standard VG 95218-7 new in the product range:

Typ F: 84951322#### A-D(S)(R 0,6)11Y 8… VG

FiberConnect 84951322#### A-D(S)(R 0,6)11Y 8… VG - Marine cable with steel armor to comply with internationally recognized military standards

  • Cable for the installation on ships in below-deck and on deck applications
  • Ruggedized for industrial application
    • chemical resistance
    • abrasion resistance
    • crush resistance
  • Standardization
    • Cable according VG 95218-7 Type F
  • Chemical characteristics
    • Resistant to oil, petrol, acid and leach
  • Cable core
    • Jelly filled stainless steel tube with stranding around
    • Diameter & wall thickness stainless steel tube: 1.8 mm & 0.2 mm
    • 12 stranded stainless steel wires with a single diameter of 0.6 mm
    • Complete diameter cable core 3.0 mm
    • Color code fibers: red, green, blue, yellow, white, grey, brown, purple
  • Outer jacket
    • Halogen-free and flame-retardant Polyurethane (TPE-U)
    • Wall thickness approx. 3.5 mm
    • Outer diameter approx. 10.0 mm

Order options:

Fiber specifications OS2, OM1 and OM5

Typ FA: 8495147#### A-V(ZN)11Y n… TB900L VG

FiberConnect 8495147#### A-V(ZN)11Y n… TB900L VG – Bending, tensile, compression and torsion resistant marine cable to comply with internationally recognized military standards

  • Flexible cable for moved application indoor and outdoor
  • FO - cable for harsh industrial environment, with abrasion-resistant PUR - jacket
  • Standardization
    • According VG 95218-7 Type FA
  • Chemical Characteristics
    • UV-resistance of outer-jacket acc. to DIN EN ISO 4892-2, procedure A, table 1, No. B.4, UV-application 720 hours (acc. VG 95218-8 Typ F)
    • Chemical resistance and oil-resistance of the outer jacket acc. VG 95218-8 Typ F
  • Cable core
    • Tight buffered fibers TB900L
    • Outer diameter 0.9 mm
    • with bend insensitive fibres (G657A2/B2 or OM3BI)
  • Strain relief elements
    • Aramid
  • Stranding
    • 2 or 4 Tight buffered fibres TB900L stranded around a central strength member (FRP)
    • Tape of fleece
  • Outer jacket
    • Halogen-free and flame-retardant material (TPE-U)
    • Outer diameter 5.8 mm
    • Color: matt green

Order options:

Fiber specifications OS2 and OM3, with optional 2 and 4 fibers