LEONI optical switches now available with 1 billion cycles

Addendum to the product announcement of 03 December 2020

The guaranteed service life of LEONI's improved fiber-optic switches has now been doubled once again. The switches have been proven to last 1 billion cycles with extremely fast switching of 2 ms. The new switches are available immediately.

Back in December 2020, LEONI announced the significant improvement in the switching cycles of its fiber optic switches from 100 to 500 million switching cycles. Now the switching cycles have been doubled again. The improved switches are available immediately as follows, also polarization maintaining (PM) and for different wavelength ranges and fiber types, e.g. for the entire visible (VIS) wavelength range with polarization maintenance:

*Fiber type: PM-S405-XP
*Wave length: 400 - 680nm
Switching cycles: 1 billion
Switching time: 2 ms

All optical switches are compact, robust, vibration resistant, CE and RoHS compliant and cycle resistant with fast switching up to 30 Hz. Optionally they are available with Telcordia standard GR1073-CORE.

*Other combinations of wavelengths and fiber types are available upon request.