LEONI offers cable for new connector technology Miniature Duplex Connector (MDC)

FiberConnect-Type I-F(ZN)H 2… 1,85 easy to assemble with MDC

Maximum energy efficiency, bandwidth and space utilization are the key trends in data center cabling. With MDC, a new connector of the Very Small Form Factor category is available on the market, with which the port density can be significantly increased compared to cabling with LC connectors. LEONI offers the appropriate cable for the new connector technology.

MDC connectors increase port density, thin and flexible fiber optic cables of LEONI's FiberConnect product family support best possible circulation of cooling air and easy use of push-pull latching. This cable for the assembly of MDC connectors is available now:

Indoor cable 84951204#### I-F(ZN)H 2... 1,85

FiberConnect 84951204#### I-F(ZN)H 2… 1,85 – Flexible, thin indoor cable for MDC assembly

  • Indoor cable for the installation in cable ducts and in tubes and also suitable for interconnections
  • Optimized for direct connector assembly
  • Outer diameter approx. 1.85 mm
  • 2 optical fibres (E9/125, G50/125, G62.5/125)
    • Color code fibers: red, yellow (E9/125); red, green (G50/125); red, blue (G62.5/125)
  • Strain relief elements
    • Aramid
  • Outer jacket
    • Halogen-free and flame-retardant material (FRNC)
    • Wall thickness approx. 0.35 mm
    • Color: orange
  • Standardization
    • According to IEC 60794-2
  • Product characteristics
    • bendable
    • compression resistant
    • tensile strong
    • flame-retardant
    • halogen-free

Order options:

Jacket color and fiber specifications according to customer requirements