LEONI fiber optical switches withstand 500 million cycles

Guaranteed lifetime multiplied by new product design

Jena – LEONI has improved the actuator technology of its fiber optical switches. Guaranteed lifetime was extended to 500 million switching cycles from 100 million cycles. The new switches are available now.

LEONI fiber optical switches were characterized by shortest switching times of less than 5 ms, high long-term stability with up to 100 million switching cycles, vibration-resistance, and compact, robust and flexible design. Now, they have been significantly improved even further in terms of lifetime and performance. Due to design adjustments the switches now withstand 500 million cycles at extremely short switching times of 2 ms.

The improved long-term stability was achieved among other things by an upgrade of the actuators. This has significantly improved both the statical switching (that is the long persistence in one channel) and also the cycle stability with fast switching (up to 30 Hz). Up to now, the guaranteed number of cycles of 100 million for very fast switching was often achieved after several months of continuous operation. The higher number of cycles now increases the lifetime many times over, with the added benefit of better tolerance of persisting in the same channel for longer times.

Furthermore, the fiber optical switches conform to CE and RoHS regulations, and they are available in Telcordia norm GR1073-CORE version.

Switching light in optical systems

All LEONI fiber optical single and multimode switches are based on a unique micromechanical and microoptical concept. They are available for a broad wavelength range from the Ultraviolet to Infrared and LEONI can fabricate them with practically all possible fiber types.

With their extended lifetime LEONI fiber optical switches are ideal for use in all applications where both low and high frequent switching cycles are necessary.