LEONI bonds glass fibers for reliable use in technologically demanding areas

Qualified bonding for food industry, medical technology, spectroscopy and many others

Optical fibers are being used in an increasing number of very different applications. Not only connectors and cables, but also the bonding of optical fibers required for assembly must meet special requirements sometimes. LEONI uses many adhesives and application methods for bonding optical fibers to various metals, ceramics and plastics, ensuring interference-free fiber optic data transmission in technologically demanding applications.

As diverse as the fields of application of fiber optic LEONI fibers, cables and assemblies are, so are the requirements for the individual components. In particular, the bonding of optical fibers in ferrules, sleeves or special connectors is crucial for the reliable function of the fiber optic system in the application. In addition to numerous standard adhesives, LEONI therefore uses a large number of very different special adhesives and masters their individual processing.

One of these adhesives, for example, passes the stringent test requirements of FDA CFR 175.300 and 175.105 for food quality, while another has electrically conductive properties or is extremely heat resistant and lasts in temperature ranges of up to 350°C. One adhesive is sterilizable by Sterrad nx process, while the next is fluorescence-free, reducing background noise from light signals through bonding.

Thanks to the extensive selection of diverse adhesives and their safe use in specific application processes, LEONI is able to supply reliable fiber optic systems for technologically very demanding areas very quickly. Besides the use in medical applications according to DIN ISO 10993, food, semiconductor or chemical industry, the specially bonded optical fibers qualify for example for assemblies used in sensitive metrological installations in spectroscopy, microscopy or process analysis.