j-plasma GmbH celebrates 100 tons of fused quartz glass

Company continues Jena tradition of optical glass production

Next milestone reached: j-plasma GmbH celebrates 100 t of fused synthetic silica glass. With the takeover of Schott Lithotec's quartz glass production in fall 2010, the renewed success story of SQ brand quartz glass began in Jena.

Since eleven years ago not only the plant technology, measuring methods and process documentation were taken over, but also several specialists changed to j-plasma GmbH, the know-how transfer and the implementation of the silica production took place very quickly and in high quality.

The investment in its own silica glass melting plant demonstrated entrepreneurial foresight. The j-fiber Group has thus completed the value chain in fiber production and additionally expanded its portfolio to include optical components for the optical and laser industry. The operation of the quartz glass melting plant also continues the Jena tradition of optical glass production. Not least, this ensures the availability of the critical raw material from local production for the optical industry in Jena.

Great tradition in the Jena area

The origins of synthetic quartz glass production lie in the early 1970s at the former Jena glassworks. On the basis of successful development work and due to the increasing demand for quartz glass, the largest synthetic quartz glass melting plant in Europe at that time was opened in Jena-Burgau in 1984. From 1989, the glass production was followed by the stations Treuhandgesellschaft, the takeover by Sico GmbH (Austria) and in 1998 the purchase by Schott AG with renaming to Schott Lithotec AG.
Finally, Schott Lithotec sold the quartz glass melting plant to j-plasma GmbH, a subsidiary of the Jena-based j-fiber GmbH: the only industrial manufacturer of optical fibers for broadband expansion and fast Internet in Germany.

Through consistent continuation of all melting, cooling and qualification processes, the use of high-purity raw materials and cooperation with Jena institutes, the SQ brand glass for optics in the laser and optical industry has become established worldwide, especially in modern OLED technology and UV fiber optics. Dr. Bruno Uebbing, Managing Director of j-plasma GmbH: "In order to be able to continue this positive development in the future, we are currently looking for motivated new employees in the j-fiber Group, both in production and in engineering or administration. Interested parties can find out more at www.j-fiber.com."
Thus, j-plasma GmbH has succeeded in continuing the more than 130-year tradition of optical glass production in Jena as the only company. Since 2007, the j-fiber Group has been part of the LEONI Group, a global supplier of products and solutions for energy and data management in the automotive and other industries.