FiberSwitch – Fiber Optical Full Matrix

Actual non-blocking switching from every input to any output channel

LEONI Fiber Optics developed and realized a Fiber Optical Full Matrix for Single- and Multimode fibers to allow actual simultaneous switching processes from every input to any output channel without any blocking effects.

This enables an indeed simultaneously measuring of complex circuit structures and measuring systems which is needed for fail-safe-structures, responsible for re-routing of defective cables. With the Full Matrix no switching operation can actually affect, delay or even block another switching operation. The device is available with various connector types, i.e. FC, SC, LC, E200, etc. and with diverse standardized interfaces like RS232, Ethernet and USB.

Due to a suitable electronic control with the according software and a modular system setup, it’s quite easy for Leoni to adjust the Full Matrix to customer specific desires regarding the configuration (i.e. 2x6, 3x16, Duplex, etc.) and different electronic interfaces.

more information about the Full Matrix – product flyer

Ordering option Front Control Panel and SwitchBox

Another new order option for our FiberSwitch product line in table top housings is the manual Front Control Panel by which the actual channel number is displayed and can be altered without another external device. The Front Control Panel can easily be integrated into the switches’ housings, assuming there is enough space.

For our optical switches in compact housings we can offer a similar but slightly different device, the SwitchBox. Connected to the switch via a bus interface it offers actually the same functions as the Front Control Panel, meaning to display the actual channel and to alter it when needed.

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