Expansion of production capabilities for Singlemode fibers in Jena

The installation of the new drawing towers for the production of Singlemode fibers has been completed. The final preparations before commissioning are now underway, so that the first fibers can be drawn as planned in October 2019. This makes j-fiber Hengtong GmbH currently the only industrial Singlemode manufacturer in Germany.

Watch video of installation

The increasing digitalization of all areas of life requires high-performance broadband connections everywhere. Whether we make phone calls, surf the internet, share holiday pictures and videos on social networks or watch video-on-demand - without being aware of it, we use optical fibers in the background to transmit our data.

The expansion of broadband in Germany and other European countries and the growing demand for data centers require high-performance Singlemode fibers as a key element in optical communication networks. The introduction of the new 5G mobile standard also leads to an increased need for Singlemode fibers in Europe. In order to serve this growing demand, j-fiber and Hengtong founded the joint venture j-fiber Hengtong GmbH in spring 2019 and will produce Singlemode fibers in Germany.

j-fiber, as an established leading manufacturer of Multimode fibers in Europe, provides the joint venture with the necessary infrastructure and comprehensive market knowledge. Hengtong Optic-Electric is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of Singlemode fibers with a strong presence in the Asian region, in particular. The two companies will address the European market for Singlemode fibers using their combined resources.

The new production capabilities for Singlemode fibers “Made in Germany” will be available from fourth quarter of 2019. The Business Unit Fiber Optics also offers various cable solutions with Singlemode and Multimode fibers.