Celebrating International Day of Light

On May 16, the International Day of Light will be celebrated worldwide with many events and activities.

Since 2015, this day makes aware of the achievements of light science and its applications and emphasizes the importance of light to humankind. For us, photonics is one of the key technologies of the 21st century and is playing an important role driving innovations in numerous fields.

Although it is not just about lasers and science, the date (May 16) goes back on the first successful operation of a laser in 1960 by physicist Theodore Maiman. Today lasers are used in all kinds of fields, from science over medical to industrial. E.g. to cool down atoms almost to absolute zero and create the coolest spot in the universe, laser cooling is used on the International Space Station. By this, Bose-Einstein Condensates are produced in the Cold Atom Lab, which are essential to do quantum physics experiments. Read more