Factory Automation

Fiber optics for Industry 4.0

We are fiber optics experts with a deep understanding of the special needs and requirements relevant for factory automation. Our broad-based product portfolio offers extensive deployment options:

  • Fused Silica
  • Industrial cables and special cables for automation
    • advanced protection for demanding environmental conditions
    • cables for drag chains
  • Applications in optical fieldbus systems and fast industrial bus systems (Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Profinet)
  • Control systems in automation technology, in mechanical and plant engineering, in robotics, and for controlling and measuring electrical parameters
  • Laser technology
    • optical fibers and cables for laser energy transmission (all cables are manufactured to customer specifications)
  • Switches for management and control, and for redundancy (for reducing downtime)

Your advantages

  • All components for passive optical networks from a single source
  • Regional product approvals (UL, CPR, CE, etc.)
  • OEM branding possible
  • Joint system and solution development projects
  • Global presence

Our strengths

  • Complete value chain (raw materials, fibers, cables, assemblies, and special optical components)
  • Highest quality standards
  • Custom builds to customer requirements
  • Excellence in production and logistics

Fields of use

  • Factory automation (automation and drives, robotics, mechanical and plant engineering, 3D printing)
  • Industrial laser technology
  • Optical industry
  • Optical metrology

Other products

  • Optical fibers for industrial laser products
  • Sensor fibers and bundles
  • Control and fieldbus cables
  • Assembled laser cables and high-power laser cables
  • Drag chain cables and assemblies
  • Assemblies for harsh industrial environments
  • Optical probes (reflection, process, transmission and transflection probes, special probe head designs)
  • Connectors, couplings, and adapters
  • Accessories (e.g. field assembly kits)

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North and South America
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