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Energy is what drives us

Whether your application involves power station control centers or dam management systems, we can offer you EMC-safe fiber optical components and solutions for power generation, transmission, and distribution. We can draw on extensive experience in the completion of international, large-scale, multi-site energy projects.

To meet the growing demand for customer-optimized power and infrastructure solutions, we use optical fibers (POF, PCF, silica) and special optical components such as switches and splitters to develop a continuous stream of new products for monitoring, control, and data logging in the energy market.

Our focus here is concentrated on fiber optics for:

  • management, control, and protection
  • data transmission and monitoring
  • metering
  • intelligent models for the simpler and more cost-effective handling of major infrastructure projects (LE.X.CO)
  • passive optical networks for smart grids

Your advantages

  • Future-oriented data and signal transmission systems (smart grids)
  • All components for passive optical networks from a single source
  • Specific product approvals (UL, CPR, CE, etc.)
  • Nuclear power plant approval
  • Design freedom for the OEM
  • Reducing total cost of ownership (LE.X.CO)
  • Global presence

Our strengths

  • Complete value chain (raw materials, fibers, cables, assemblies, and special  optical components)
  • Joint development projects/early involvement in product development
  • Experienced OEM service and development partner
  • Custom builds to customer requirements
  • Excellence in production and logistics
  • Bundling of competencies within the Group
  • High quality standards


Please contact us for further information. We look forward to your inquiry.

Reiko Sänger

Europe, Africa, and Asia(excl. China)
Phone +49 36764-81-100

Phone +86 519-8988-7783

North and South America
Phone +1 757-258-4805

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