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Optical Technologies in Telecommunication

Fiber-Optic-Cable in High Speed Networks, optical broadband cable infrastructure for triple play networks, fiber based telecommunications networks

Cable systems for passive optical networks (PON)

We design and produce for gigabit-passive optical networks (GPON) and gigabit ethernet passive optical networks (GEPON).

Fields of application

fiber to the "x" (FTTX) fiber to the home (FTTH), fiber to the curb (FTTC)

Cable features:

  • suitable for blowing into empty conduits with optimal gliding ability making it possible to blow in larger lengths in one piece
  • including multipair stranded cables with small outside diameter (MiniCable) and also house connection cables with just two or four fibers with central tube (MicroCable)
  • compliant with fire protection requirements in the inhouse area
  • with smallest bending radii allowed by the use of the newest single-mode fibers

For optical communication networks we offer fiber (POF, Glass) and optical components:
Wavelength division multiplex (WDM) offers the possibility to transmit different data on the various wavelengths of the light over just one optical fiber, e.g. TV, Ethernet, telephone; coarse wavelength division multiplex (CWDM) and dense wavelength division multiplex (DWDM), passive optical network (PON) splitter and optical switches.



Optical switches for singlemode and multimode applications 

  • usable for all singlemode fibers 405nm-1650nm in various no. of channels
  • use of polarization maintaining (PM) fibers possible
  • optical power depends on type of fiber up to 10 W 
  • applicable bidirectional 
  • Multimode switches are usable for all LargeCore fibers from 50µm up to 800µm and fibers from 190nm-1000nm and 450nm-2400nm wavelength ranges
  • Testing of new network architectures; laboratory automation

Please consult us so that we can set up your individual service needs together with you!

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