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Fiber Optics for Laser Technologies

LEONI Fiber Optics is one of Europe’s leading producers of high-end quartz/quartz multi-mode fibers and of custom-made fiber-optic laser-cables for industrial and scientific applications.
LEONI Fiber Optics with its FiberTech®-Products is a leading special fiber producer for laser beam delivery.

Optical fibers and cables for laser beam delivery

All laser cables are designet according to customer specifications

  • standard tubes: metal/pvc, metal/silicone, pvc, steel, tubes for special requirements available
  • Standard connectors: SMA, FC/PC, DIN, ST, customized connectors, capillaries
  • Anti reflexion coating available


Freestanding SMA connector

  • Hexagon/knurl nut
  • Ferrule diameter: 3,17 mm

High-Power-SMA-Connector | Laser connect 100

  • Freestanding fiber
  • Connwctor long: 45 mm  
  • Connector short: 30 mm
  • Ferrule diameter: 3,17 mm

Laser connect 1000

  • Freestanding fiber
  • Compatible with most common laser systems
  • Ferrule length: 57 mm
  • Ferrule diameter: 10 or 15 mm


  • Freestanding fiber, Ceramic ensert
  • Ferrule length: 10 mm
  • Ferrule diameter: 4 mm

Multimode and singlemode fibers, Step-index and graded-index profile, various numerical apertures, coatings and claddings, deep UV to MIR, quartz capillaries, hollow fibers, Fiber pigtails

Please consult us so that we can set up your individual service needs together with you!

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Business Unit Fiber Optics
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