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Green Energy: renewable energy

Optical technologies for wind turbines and solar Systems

We have more than ten years of experience in POF/PCF-Cables and assembling. In order to meet the steadily growing demand for customized infrastructure cables and assemblies used in wind turbines and solar plants, new solutions have been found and realized: Optical Fiber (POF,PCF, HCS, Glass) for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).
Wind: communication cable and control cable for control unit, tower and nacelle, onshore & offshore
Solar: communication cable and control cable for solar plants, e.g. Sun following-up device for solar panels

High-flex Fiber-Optic-Cables:

  • Low-temp solutions down to – 40 °C
  • Torsion approved and tested
  • Plug & Play solutions
  • UL-approval available (US/Canada)
  • Protection tubing , UV-resistant und rodent proof
  • High-temp solutions up to + 70°C
  • Fastbus, Fast Ethernet, V Pin, Versatile Link
  • Assembling with connectors HP, HFBR 4521 (Hard Clad Silica Optical Fiber Connector), FSMA, ST, HP, SC, F05 

In addition, we supply highest precision assembly and measuring kits for the assembly of connectors on site, the measurement tools examination of assembled cables before and after the installation, and for fault finding.



Optical switches for singlemode and multimode applications 

  • usable for all singlemode fibers 405nm-1650nm in various no. of channels
  • use of polarization maintaining (PM) fibers possible
  • optical power depends on type of fiber up to 10 W 
  • applicable bidirectional 
  • Multimode switches are usable for all LargeCore fibers from 50µm up to 800µm and fibers from 190nm-1000nm and 450nm-2400nm wavelength ranges
  • Sensoring systems, Fiber bragg grating sensors

Please consult us so that we can set up your individual service needs together with you!

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