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Optical Technologies in Data Communication

FiberConnect® optical indoor cables are ideally suited to the manufacturing of assembled connection cables for all conceivable cabling structures and network topologies.
Our Universal Cables are applicable within and outside from buildings and also applicable as Industry Cable in harsh environments. The cables are e.g. oil-resistant and suitable for us with drag chains.

We produce for data centers factory-tested trunks. Short installation times are her important advantage. The MPO-Plug with high density safe the investment protection in data centers.

Indoor Cabling (Office Datacom)

  • with multi- or single-mode ¬ fibers, depending on data rates and distances
  • with halogen-free and flame-retardant jacket materials
  • with highly reduced weight, small outside diameter,
  • flexible and sturdy
  • with simplex and duplex cables, mini break-out cables and break-out cables (flat or round)

Campus Cable Systems

  • for primary and secondary cabling in local networks (LAN) and in the MAN/WAN area
  • Universal cable for avoiding interfaces
  • for high mechanical demands
  • non-metallic or metallic reinforcement and integrated
  • humidity barrier for different ambient conditions
  • with halogen-free and UV-resistant PE-jacket


Optical switches for singlemode and multimode applications

  • usable for all singlemode fibers 405nm-1650nm in various no. of channels
  • use of polarization maintaining (PM) fibers possible
  • optical power depends on type of fiber up to 10 W
  • applicable bidirectional
  • Multimode switches are usable for all LargeCore fibers from 50µm up to 800µm and fibers from 190nm-1000nm and 450nm-2400nm wavelength ranges
  • Testing of new network architectures; laboratory automation

Please consult us so that we can set up your individual service needs together with you!

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