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Regardless of whether you need cables for tactical field use or for other air special applications – we have the solution.
The military frequently uses optical cables in mobile use for connecting command posts due to their protection against tapping. In addition, optical cables are used in military technology such as tanks, artillery and fighter aircrafts for connecting weapon control or live systems. These cables have to withstand enormous mechanical stress and temperatures.

Mobile Field Cables in Defence:

  • fiber optic cables for tactical fi eld use
  • abrasion resistant and rollable on cable drums at any temperature
  • connection cables in the control system
  • suitable for to high mechanical demands and temperatures
  • high safety from interception
  • EMC safety

Please consult us so that we can set up your individual service needs together with you!

Your Partner:

Business Unit Fiber Optics
Dirk Eckardt
Market Manager



Special fibers for optical sensors in military applications:

Your Partner:

Business Unit Fiber Optics
Jeannine Schoenbeck, MBA
Market Manager Optical Metrology