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Optical Technologies in Automation & Drives

Fields of application:

In optical field bus systems and industrial ethernet systems, control in automation, machinery and plant engineering, for robotic. Measuring and controlling of electric quantities (thyristor, IGBT-modul) in High-Voltage fields.

UL approbation (US/Canada)


Fiber optics replaces conventional copper data lines in highly flexible data transmission.


  • EMC safety, no electromagnetic disturbances
  • No length limit
  • No repeater necessary, possibility to transmit higher data rates
  • longevity, 5 million bending cycles at least
  • oil-resistant, halogen free resistant to welding beads
  • suitable for us with drag chains


Optische Schalter für Singlemode- und Multimode-Anwendungen

  • Zur Benutzung aller Singlemode Fasern von 405nm-1650nm in verschiedenen Anzahlen von Kanälen
  • Einsatz von polarisationserhaltenden (PM) Fasern möglich
  • Optisch übertragbare Leistung bis zu 10 W, abhängig vom Fasertyp
  • In beide Richtungen anwendbar
  • Multimode Schalter sind für alle LargeCore Fasern von 50µm bis zu 800µm und für Fasern im Wellenlängenbereich von 190nm-1000nm und 450nm-2400nm einsetzbar
  • Sensorsysteme, Steuerungskontrolle

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Hybrid Cable

  • One cable with data transmission lines and electrical transmission (24 V up to 300 V)
  • space-saving and lighter
  • higher packaging density
  • minimizing of costs, time and effort

LEONI Fiber Optics offers alongside the standard fibers optic cables consisting of polymer optical fibers (POF) also polymer cladded fibers (PCF) as well as glass optical fiber for all these applications with the same characteristics. They allow for the customer oriented implementations of new highly performant and broadband applications within different wavelengths.

EMC safety, no elctromagnetic disturbances

Fiber optics protection through a special construction of robust and extremely abrasion-resistant
PUR-coating; strain relieving components, supporting components against pressure, vibration, chain-bending,
useable up to –20° and under the infl uence of chemicals such as acids, fats, oil



Optical switches for singlemode and multimode applications 

  • usable for all singlemode fibers 405nm-1650nm in various no. of channels
  • use of polarization maintaining (PM) fibers possible
  • optical power depends on type of fiber up to 10 W 
  • applicable bidirectional 
  • Multimode switches are usable for all LargeCore fibers from 50µm up to 800µm and fibers from 190nm-1000nm and 450nm-2400nm wavelength     ranges
  • Sensoring systems, position control

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