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Special optical fibers

Optical fibers with customer-specific design


Optical fibers as a transmission medium for light can be fitted to every desired customer application. The fiber's composition offers different parameters that can be individually adjusted:

Core · Jacket · Coating · Cable design · Assembly

  • For the transmission of high data rates singlemode fibers or graded-index mulitmode fibers are used. With graded-index multimode fibers, the profile must be manufactured as perfectly as possible in order to achieve the transmission of very large bandwiths through low modal dispersion. 
  • For high-power transmission step-index multimode fibers are used. For most of them, undoped fused silica is chosen as core material, as it is suitable for high-power transmission such as laser transmission due to its low attenuation level. Doped fused silica is used if a particularly high numerical aperture for improved launching of light into the fiber or special fiber profiles are needed. 
  • Shape and size of the fiber core can be adjusted to the application's demands. 
  • The use of an appropriate coating material and / or an additional layer helps to protect the fiber under different mechanical, thermal or chemical environmental conditions. 
  • All fibers can be customer-specifically assembled according to your application fields.

Benefit from our competence in influencing the fiber properties and creating customer-specific fiber solutions. We can rely on an entire value chain – from ultrapure fused silica to the assembly of the finished fiber.