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Raw materials

Fused silica, preforms, tubes, rods etc.

Ultrapure fused silica materials for high-demand optical products and the manufacturing of high performance optical fibers.

The performance of optical components and optical fibers is above all determined by the quality of the material used. You benefit from a unique value chain and our experience in customer oriented design implementation: in the production of highly pure fused silica materials, the composition of the optical waveguide preforms, the subsequent drawing of the fiber, its cabling and assembly or in the manufacturing of optical components.

By understanding the required performance properties of the final product and with the possibility to influence the production process at every stage, we manufacture the perfect product to meet your individual requirements. Our fused silica materials and fused silica products are the basis for innovative technologies and products of highest quality and performance. To achieve this we use three optimized, highly efficient manufacturing technologies: plasma based vapor deposition (PBVD), modified chemical vapor deposition (MCVD) as well as flame hydrolysis for synthetical fused silica. Ultrapure fused silica materials with excellent optical and physical properties are the result of combining these methods.

Application areas:

  • Fused silica in optical applications in laser and lithography systems
  • Tubes and rods as a basis for the production of OEM preforms (as fused silica rods and tubes)
  • Tubes and rods for the manufacturing of capillaries and fibers
  • Preforms for OEM fiber production

Product portfolio:

  • Ready-to-order products in standard configurations
  • Specified solutions – according to customer specifications
  • Solutions depending on individual requirements for performance parameters for the whole wavelength range from UV to VIS, NIR and IR

Therefore LEONI offers the suitable product with special material compositions, various doping options and doping levels as well as individual shapes and geometries for next to every type of requested data or power transmission.

Thus, we assure that our materials and products meet the demands concerning the functionality of the product designed in collaboration with you.