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Product design at every stage.

Application diversity calls for well targeted optimization of the fibers themselves as well as of cable design. Our answer is a comprehensive product portfolio with a high share of customized solutions.

In the case of glass or silica fibers, we strive to optimize the diameters, refractive index profiles, numerical apertures, transmission properties and fiber coatings for every specific application.

Cable fabrication is quite a demanding assignment. We offer a wide array of probes for analytics and medical purposes, fiber-optic cables with special connectors and protective tubing. We also fabricate fiber bundles that accommodate several hundred fibers in one bundle and are equipped with customized connectors.

With our drawing towers for glass and silica fiber production, we are a coveted partner in many sectors of industry and science. The Fiber Optics Business Unit is the leading producer of multimode fibers (all silica) and has excellent drawing technologies at its disposal.