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Industrial lasers

LEONI Fiber Optics Laser cables are based on LOSCH High- Power Technology and are specially designed for transferring laser beam energy generated by industrial and medical laser systems. The applications for LEONI laser cables include all fiber-coupled laser systems emitting in the UV to IR wavelength region, as for example high-power semiconductor lasers, solidstate lasers and fiber lasers.


Fused silica fibers and capillaries

LEONI produces a variety of fused silica step-index and gradedindex laser fibers with different fiber dimensions and coating/ jacket material. LEONI has performed intensive research to experimentally determine the laser beam damage threshold of these fibers, and can therefore assist customers to exactly find the right product. Silica capillaries are also available, used for beam guiding of ultra-short pulses in the femto-second range.

Laser cables with SMA and FC interface

LEONI offers a variety of different laser cables with F-SMA/SMA905 connectors, depending on the beam power levels. All connectors have a free-standing fiber tip. CuSMA cables with their distinctive copper alloy ferrule and excellent fiber alignment provide good heat removal and fiber centration. Maximum laser power transmission can be achieved with the SMA500 cables, with an even superior heat transfer capability. The CuFC connectors provide a connector interface for FC-style applications including a key employed as an anti- rotation feature.

Laser cables with LD-80 interface

The LD-80 is compatible with the Ø 4x10 mm Industrial Industry Standard. The extremely accurate, keyed connector allow for plug- and play connections. High power transmission is achieved by the copper alloy ferrule and the excellent fiber alignment. Laser safety is ensured by using steel-armored protection tubes and, in some of the products, by an electrical fiber break-detect system.

Laser cables with ModeStrip technology 

Fiber cladding modes are the radiation modes within a fiber which are not confined within the fiber core but guided within the fiber cladding, due to the beam reflection at the interface between the silica clad and coating material. Some laser applications require that the fiber radiation is limited to the fiber core, in this case the cladding modes have to be removed or stripped. LOSCH High-Power Technology has integrated the mode-stripping feature into the connector and offers different cooling solutions for managing the heat dissipation.

Robotic laser cables

These cables are optimized to effectively transport highest laser powers of up to several kW from the laser system to the workpiece. Main applications are the beam delivery to an optical system mounted on an industrial robot, therefore these cables are known in the market as robotic cables. Different standardized connector interfaces with nozzle diameters of 10 mm (LLK-LP) and 15 mm (LLK-HP) are available to achieve compatibility with common laser systems. Fiber break-detection and thermal control of the connector ensure laser safety requirements during operation. 

The robotic laser cables are based on the proven LOSCH High-Power Technology and include efficient heat removal by using copper alloy material and the high-accuracy fiber centration.