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New brochure

FiberConnect® – Low fire-hazard cables complying with the EU Construction Products Regulation

Maximum safety with B2ca cables from LEONI

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LEONI laser cables used in measuring gravitational waves

Special optical fiber cables are part of the LIGO detectors.

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ONE major project – ONE cable solution LEoni X-Linked COmpound (LE.X.CO)

Saving major projects costs up to 75%

Major projects include a high complexity of regulations, cable types, installation and handling requirements. LEONI developed one X-linked jacket material for almost any cable types... Read more


SlimLine fibers with reduced buffer layer thickness

Lower outer diameters for applications with tight working channels 

In many applications there is just little space or you have to face the challenge of tight working channels. To support you in this matter LEONI Fiber Optics has optimized the extrusion process regarding reduced buffer diameters successfully. Read more


New ferrule materials increase precision and longevity of fiber optics assemblies

Higher fiber concentricity with reduced bore tolerances 

Varying bore tolerances cause a number of disadvantages and make the process of centering the fibers in the connectors quite work-intensive. Ceramic ferrules are an attractive alternative for metallic ferrules and provide a better coexistence of the materials. LEONI Fiber Optics developed an assembly process for fiber diameters between 125 µm and 1,500 µm, which ensures significantly improved precision and lower tolerances Read more


FiberSwitch – Fiber Optical Full Matrix

Actual non-blocking switching from every input to any output channel 
LEONI Fiber Optics developed and realized a Fiber Optical Full Matrix for Single- and Multimode fibers to allow actual simultaneous switching processes from every input to any output channel without any blocking effects. This enables… Read more


LargeCore assemblies with square fiber core geometries for a more homogenous power transfer of laser systems

Reducing radial power peaks in laser applications

High uniformity of power transfers is of vital importance for many applications of medical and industrial laser systems. To ensure a more homogenous distribution of laser power on the irradiated area, LEONI Fiber Optics realized assembling LargeCore special fibers made from undoped silica with a square core geometry. The biggest challenge for product engineering was the alignment of the square core to the connector. Read more


FiberSwitch – rapid multiplexer for LargeCore fibers

New switching principle to avoid spectral ripples

Leoni developed a new fiber optical multiplexer for multimode-step index LargeCore fibers between 400 µm and 1.000 µm and up to 8 channels. This multiplexer is capable of switching through all channels in shortest time and to thereby cover several measuring points almost simultaneously. Therefore Leoni developed a new switching principle at its competence center for optical switches in Jena (Germany) to enable a precise control of the LargeCore fibers. A spherical mirror in the LargeCore multiplexer… Read more


FiberTech® - RadialTip BareFiber in aestetic and vein surgery

The radial solution for short and painless treatments.

The functionality of RadialTip BareFiber in the ablation of varicose veins and in laser lipolysis explains this brief animation.