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Fiber Bundles

LEONI produces customer-specific fiber bundles made from
UV- and IR-Field silica/silica, plastic or optical glasses with different refractive indices
as appropriate to the requirement for the optically conductive
material on its own drawing systems. The individual fibers are
generally between 30 μm and 150 μm in diameter, but can be drawn
to customer-specific diameters on request. The lengths of the fiber
bundles vary between 4, 5, 10 and 20 m. The bundle diameters
are individually produced according to the customer's wishes.

The fiber bundles are available specifically for endoscopic applications
in different radiation angles of 67° (LB type), 83° (LA type),
90° (LW2 type) and ≥100° (L120.3 type) for optimum illumination.
Our range also includes UV-resistant (solarisation-stable) silica/silica
fibers. In addition to endoscopy, they are also used in spectrometry,
lighting and sensor technology.

The individual fibers are coated with glass finish (autoclavable up
to 150°C) or polyimide (can be used up to 300°C) as appropriate
to the assembly and temperature requirements. The thickness
of the coatings is ≤1 µm. They have a protective function and also
simplify the further processing. In addition to the standard lengths
and diameters, the fiber bundles can also be supplied as preassembled
optical waveguides with polished end faces.