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We offer you fibers and cables in compliance with international industrial standards (e. g. ITU-T G.651 – G.657, IEC 60793-2-10, IEC 60793-2-30, IEC 60793-2-40, IEC 60793-2-50) with optical fibers:

  • made from glass (singlemode and multimode)
  • with polymer cladded glass (PCF ➔ Polymer Cladded Fiber)
  • with polymer core (POF ➔ Polymer Optical Fiber).

Many fiber types are also available as radiation-hard versions. We manufacture different cable designs from central core cables to breakout cables with all buffered fiber types and specific inner and outer jacketing materials as well as customized versions according to your needs. We use all fiber types to produce hybrid cables with optical fibers and electrical conductors, pneumatic lines etc. in almost any conceivable configuration. In addition we provide accessories and peripheral equipment such as splice and patch boxes, tools and measuring devices.