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Specially adapted tools are needed to assemble fiber optic
cables with connectors. This selection of tools and aids
is tailored to POF and PCF cables and connectors.

Their assembly is extremely straightforward in comparison
with the conventional adhesive technology used with glass
fiber optic cables and can be learned by non-specialists
in a very short time. It takes between 1 and 5 minutes
per connector to assemble these cables.

Suitable tools are available for the process steps from stripping
through crimping and end face processing to final checking.

This makes the assembly of POF in particular a cinch.
These assembly tools for PCF and POF are specially tailored to LEONI's
cable constructions and connectors.

PCF fiber optic cables in particular can be quickly and easily
assembled using the crimping/clamping and cleaving technique.
This popular technique is frequently used for field assembly.
However the familiar technique for glass fiber optic cables with twocomponent
adhesives and grinding/polishing is also commonly used.

Suitable measuring devices for a wide range of wavelengths
are available for the final inspection.